Our world is so inspiring to me! Blossoming trees and painted skies, animated critters and flowing waters, close-ups of life, and endless examples of truth lead me to consider our purpose of being. There is wisdom to be gained from life, from this world we have been given to live in, and from the Word itself. My hope for you is that seeing and reading what I have felt compelled to share will encourage you in your daily life, and will lead you in your journey to a deeper relationship with those that surround you, including the Creator and Author of life itself.


Some things about me

My life has not been the norm, so my perspective is perhaps different than most. I have been adopted 2 times, lived at a non-profit christian boarding school for 5 years, found my birth families after 30 years, and moved 25 times in 9 states.  My story relates to the truths of life and the struggles along the way which are interwoven with forgiveness and faith.  My life story is complicated, but beautifully orchestrated by God. Other influences in my life are my amazing husband, my 2 beautiful children, and the challenging world around me. I am passionate about photography and find joy in discovering unique snapshots of our daily life and surroundings. I am also inspired by words of truth and wisdom. My goal is to combine these things together and help encourage you along your journey of life!

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