The sun sets at the end of each day, we hope for another tomorrow.

The stars twinkle in the blackened night sky, they guide us on our way in the darkest hour.

The sun rises like bread in the morning, sharing its warmth and drawing up dew.

The winds blow to keep us cool, and whisper through the trees,

while the aromas of another’s meal, stir our appetite to appease.

The waters flow sustaining life, relieving thirst and cleansing us from dirt.

I see the Lord represented in what we need each day.

I pray you hope for your tomorrow, when you might see Him face to face,

I pray you know He guides you, in the darker moments, a twinkle in His eye.

I pray you feel His Spirit around you, His breath of life moving your chest to rise.

I pray that He satisfies your hunger, and your thirst for life be quenched

with His living water, and your hearts and minds be cleansed.

The Lord has designed it to be this way!

He is all around us, every day.


Poetic prayer by: Kari Wiseman – 2018

Photo by: Kari Wiseman – Streaming Sunset