There is a rhythm on Earth we cannot comprehend,
The music of life written by a Mastermind’s hand.
How his symphony plays its song day by day,
A melody of love that all heart beats display.

It began with a Word, then Earth took its shape,
All creatures were formed, and many a landscape.
Wide oceans repeat the receding ebb and returning flow,
Waves of abundant life or carrying death in the undertow.

Cycles of the seasons that bring change in the weather,
A pattern of variety, Oh how very clever.
The Earth spins around, the birds touch the sky,
With revolutions – a cadence in the heavens so high.

How day fades to night with a new start at dawn,
The sun’s glow always shining it’s light on the moon.
Measures of all time march steadily ahead,
With Godly men’s steps by the Holy Spirit led.

How can we fathom the depth of His love,
From oceans deep and the heavens above.
Our hearts beat worldwide, like billions of drums,
A reminder of blood poured out for daughters and sons.

Earth is the musical of God’s passion for life,
With changes and rhythms, in pure hearts He delights.
Oh, we should live in tempo with the rest of creation,
To sing the song of His gift of salvation!

A genius He is to compose such a piece,
From beginning to end,
His work gives everlasting peace.

Written by: Kari Wiseman, 2021

Photo by: Kari Wiseman – California Coast