Living in our mother’s womb, our life, while in the dark, was solitary, warm, soothing, and pretty comfortable. Life was EASY. Yet we couldn’t experience true life as we were designed to unless we were born, going from the darkness to the sunlight, going from life alone to sharing it with others. Life in the womb limited our growth. To become what we were created for, we had to risk all that we knew, take that leap of faith and CRY OUT!! We had to trust in the unknown, the previously unseen, to take care of us. Once we were born our parents fed us, nurtured us, protected us, taught us, and guided us in the direction we should go. We were no longer living life alone, and there was the hope of a remarkable future ahead of us.

The same can be said about our faith.
Faith is defined in the dictionary as:
“Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.”
The Bible describes it as:
“The assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
(Hebrews 11:1)

To put our faith in the Creator, the One who made us and formed us, who knows all things about us and loves us the most, is the beginning of a most personal and powerful relationship for each one of us.. We are no longer alone and are able to accept His nurturing, teaching and guiding us through His Word, and can talk to Him directly through intimate conversations of prayer. We can trust His plan for our lives, because He has a great future ahead for us!

We can only become what we were created for, when we fully put our trust in Him. So cry out to Him! Yes, its a risk, but let’s step outside of our little world, and let Him continue to form us into what He has designed and created us to be.

Food for thought: Do you have faith in God as a child does in the imaginary world?

Fun fact: Babies (before they are born) actually taste mom’s food, open their eyes, pee, breathe oxygen, smile, hiccup and cry.

Photo by: Austin Walker