Today is the day!
For all of humanity, this is the day we have been waiting for, the morning we celebrate our God becoming one of us!

Because of our sin, you, Jesus, chose to step down from your glory with the Father that we could know God!
King Jesus, today we give all honor to you.
What we have, we give to you; but what gift could we possibly bring that would ever compare to what you already gave to us?
Nothing comes close, so all we can freely offer to you is our heart, our gratitude, our desire to serve you all the rest of our days, our entire life.
Our gifts of money and time are meager, but we offer them to you as well.
Please use them for your glory, for your kingdom.

Jesus, hear our songs of praise and worship!
You are forever worthy!
There is no one like you, no other God that has loved us so much.

Thank you for humbling yourself, for choosing to live in our world as one of us, through all of our life’s joy and pain. You have set the standard high!
Thank you for teaching us.
Thank you for healing us.
Thank you for leading us.
Thank you for giving us hope.
Thank you for dying for us.
Thank you for interceding for us.
Thank you for sending your Holy Spirt to comfort and encourage us.
Thank you for the reminder that you are “God with us”.

Happy birth day, Jesus. You ARE Lord!

Photo by: Carlo Navarro – Baby boy in blanket