To all of my family, friends, and those I don’t know yet, whether atheist, agnostic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or anything else:
Happy day of LIFE!

What an amazing reminder to start a new day in a new week:
“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning; Great is your faithfulness!”
Lamentations 3:2-3

We did nothing to deserve this day.
We did nothing to deserve living in this time.
We did nothing to be given breath in our lungs and a regular heartbeat.
We did nothing to have our freedoms this day (unless you served in the military).
Nothing we have done deserves a living God to: love us unconditionally, offer us a do-over each day, and has offered his life for ours.

What can we do about this??

All He asks for in return is nothing more than He was willing to give: everything;
his heart, his passion, his time, his love, and his life.
His reason for doing these things was very personal:
it was for YOU!
So, giving yours back to Him in return is all He asks.

Take a moment to pay it forward;
by being kind when it’s not deserved,
by giving a smile when you’ll get a frown back,
by letting someone in line ahead of you,
by sharing a portion of your time, money, or food,
by letting the other driver in when its not really his turn.
It will feel good and you won’t regret the gift of this day of life!

Why should we?

We should respond out of gratitude for this day of life, because LIFE is but a vapor, and our journey has a destination. Time doesn’t stop, but we will on this earth. Then, what we’ve done here will go public, and who we served here will be the deciding factor of our final destination. Who as in the Lord God, or another…

So let’s celebrate “today”, and our life, and honor the One who gave it to us by serving Him with gladness!
“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
Psalm 118:24

Food for thought: “We may not know what each day has in store for us. We could be gone tomorrow. Any minute could truly be our goodbye. But we do have this moment. This time. Today. Right now. It takes way more effort to shell out hate then it does to allow love to flow freely in our lives. After all, its what we were born to do.” Grace Gealy

Fun facts: I am 52, and have lived 19,278 days. That calls for a lot of gratitude!! (and some geriatric products)

Photo by: Kari Wiseman – 4 Clouds of Sunrise