Summer storms bring strong winds, hard rains, booming thunder and brilliant lightening, bursting from thick massive clouds. As a result, we are so busy dealing with trees blowing and leaves falling, downspouts gushing, dogs cowering, and roofs leaking, that we forget that the sun is still shining high above that storm. We are distracted by what’s happening around us. It is hard to remember that the sun is still up there. It has not moved from its assigned spot, and it is always doing its job. We just can’t see it then because it is temporarily hidden by so many clouds and falling rain, and we are so busy dealing with the effects of the storm. In fact, we can still see outside even during the fiercest of storms because the sun’s rays reach through the clouds, giving us light.

That describes God Almighty in our life. He is always there. He is always faithful. He sees us even through the darkest of times in our life. We may not see His hand in whats happening, or sense that He is hearing our prayers, but know and trust that He is aware, and that He has you. He is most likely working through that storm for you! His light is reaching through and encouraging us, directing us, and keeping us close. Our judgment might be clouded or blinded by our circumstances, but He remains steadfast.

That storm does many good things! It provides us with water that gives life and growth. It allows the trees to bend and sway in the wind, encouraging their roots to grow deeper and become stronger. The winds keep the clouds on the move so that they don’t stay in one place too long. The winds and rain also carry seeds and dust to other places that they become planted in richer soil. The lightening, well, it lights up the sky and gives us remarkable pictures!

The Lord God allows the personal, emotional storms in our life for a reason. It rains for cleansing, growth, and refreshment. He uses the winds to remind us of the Holy Spirit being active, and that He is moving among us. The winds also encourage us to grow stronger in our faith by becoming deeper in our relationship with Him. He uses the thunder and lightening to show us His mighty voice and power, and His sun shines brightly throughout our storms the entire time, lighting our way as Jesus does.

The next time a thunder storm comes your way, take a moment and think of how God might be trying to use it in your life. Remember that the sun remains faithful and is shining above it all. These storms will move on. Don’t let your faith or judgment become clouded with doubt or despair. A sunny day is right around the corner!

Matthew 8:26: “And He said to them, ‘Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?’ Then he arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was great calm.”

Notice Jesus allowed his disciples to be in that storm. He only rebuked the winds when they became afraid; He was going to let them go through it for a reason. But, He showed them his power of God by ending the storm and calming the sea. That doesn’t mean He will stop the storms every time when you’re afraid. This example was recorded for us to recognize how the Son is in charge of all things, always.

Food for thought: Have you ever stood in the rain or snow and looked up? It’s actually more beautiful when you face it head on.

Fun facts: The average temperature of lightening is about 36,000 degrees fahrenheit. Thunder is a sonic wave caused by rapidly expanding air due to the intense heat of the lightening.

Photo by: Kari Wiseman – Seagrove Beach, FL.