If God had decided that now was the time for Jesus to come and live among us rather than 2000 years ago, what do you suppose he would wear? Would the Christ wear camo, or would Jesus wear jeans? This question is relevant for us because we need to decide what kind of example we – as his disciples in today’s world – need to follow and imitate.

Now I am not suggesting that either one of these attires are wrong, but I am saying that the way we as christians dress for the day displays our intention or purpose, both literally and figuratively. This post is literally more about the figurative way we dress.

Camouflage clothing was designed for hunting in a variety of settings, but always with the hope that one would blend in with the outdoor environment and not be seen. With the colors of the entire outfit matching the tones of the season’s trees or grasses, the hunter wouldn’t be visible to the prey that was being sought after. This would give the hunter the opportunity to get close to its target and kill it easily.

Jeans are designed for the working man. They are made of denim, a common cloth for men’s workwear, and are given an additional strength called ‘rivets’ to the areas that tear easily: the pockets. These rivets changed the course of weak trousers to now stronger pants call “jeans”. Even today, jeans are worn for every day purposes of labor, fun and warmth for outdoor and indoor activities. They are an all-around general purpose pant.

When Jesus lived among us, his purpose was to be around people while teaching and healing them; drawing them to the Kingdom of God. His heart was for humanity. He didn’t choose to hide in disguise to stalk his target audience, he chose to be a Godly man among common men, living and eating with them side by side. His purpose was to be seen, heard and felt.

Jesus said, ““You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.
Matthew 5:14

Our work for the Lord is to be among the people too. We cannot do this if we are hiding, not visible or too distant; or if our lives and actions blend in so much with the world’s that they cannot distinguish us from them. We need to be with them, but separate. Our lives should actually emulate Jesus’ life, that others are drawn to what we have and who we know – Jesus the Christ!! That is the best way to ‘hunt’ for others to add to God’s kingdom. We are to be fishers of men (all humanity). If nothing else, ‘kill’ them with kindness, with the hopes that they will see the light of Jesus in and through you. He should not be hidden.

Initially this post was to be more of a fun, tongue-in-cheek play on words, but the importance of how we live, not necessarily what we wear each day, is critical. If we are wearing the proverbial jeans, then we are ready for whatever the Lord brings our way. We can get to work in a tough, dirty environment, or in our daily job, or even in a moment of fun with friends. Either way, we can be a light to others while ready to work for Jesus’ kingdom in whatever capacity He deems fit for us.

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men,”
Colossians 3:23

Food for thought:
A christian’s clothing reflects their heart, so keep it clean.
Always be dressed for battle.
Remember – we are already clothed in righteousness!

(Disclaimer: This blog in no way states that wearing camouflage is wrong or ungodly.)

Fun facts: Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis invented riveted denim pants/trousers in 1871 and called them “blue jeans”.

Photo by: Jason Leung – Hanging denim (compliments of Unsplash)